Knowing where your food comes from is such a wonderful feeling. Eating local and supporting local farms will help to increase the health of our nation. Eating ON the farm takes it to that next level. It really connects you to your food, nature and to other people. 

Vintage Lily Farms will host monthly breakfast and lunches where you can come with friends or family to eat on the farm. Most, if not all, of the food served will be raised or made on our farm or other local farms. You will be able to visit the farm animals and take home either a favor of homemade jam or a fresh bouquet of flowers. 

At the end of the harvest season, late September, we will host a large Farm to Table Dinner. Enjoying the beauty of the farm, fresh local foods, music and conversation. Please come join us as we try to spread the joys of all small family farms have to offer. 

Message us below if you would like to be put on our waiting list.